Cheer Core Gold

Perks & Benefits Of CheerCore’s Gold Membership


Unlimited Zoom Classes For The Season

While Online training may not be ideal for every scenario, it is perfect for classes where all your child needs is simple instructions and the expert supervision of our coaches such as during flexibility, drills & conditioning classes. With the Gold Membership, they can jump on as many as they want!



Unlimited Gym Classes For 2 Months

From the day we are legally allowed to operate again, your child will have unlimited access to all of our physical classes at either of our locations! This includes tumbling, flexibility, Flyer Stretch, Rec and more! And of course, Open Gyms are included as well.



Exclusive Invite To Gold-Only Clinics

Every 30-60 days, we will be holding training clinics that will specialize in a specific area of skill development. A few examples include: front tumbling, back tumbling, advanced tumbling, dynamic flexibility, upper body strength, core strength, dance, mental toughness and more! These clinics will be anywhere from $20 – $40 for non-Gold members.



Unlimited Access To Cheer School At Home

This is the name of our brand new online training platform where athletes will get to experience training programs which have been specifically designed to be done at home with little equipment. Best of all we will be adding NEW content to our platform every few weeks. Scroll down below to take a peek at what we have got planned!

Our Current & Upcoming Programs

Flight School At Home

A complete 6-week plan with over 50 drills designed to help improve your flexibility, strength and stability in the air for all major air positions. Suitable for both beginner & advanced flyers alike!

Stunt School At Home

This is a multi-week program designed to help you master your grips, build your strength and improve your endurance to become the foundation that can keep any stunt in the air… for as long as you want! 

Jump School At Home

Increase your vertical jump, improve ankle mobility and elevate your leg strength to new levels! This program will not only make you more explosive, but help you master the finer details of the Toe Touch (straddle), Herkie & Pike 

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Got Questions? 

Chances are we’ve already addressed them below! Click the bar to to reveal the answer.

If I have more than 1 child, do I need to buy multiple accounts?

Depends on the #. A Gold membership is valid for up to two (2) members as long as they’re of the same household. So two sisters for example, would be included. However, if you have 3 or 4 children, then you will need to buy two memberships. If you have 5 or 6, then you will need three memberships and so on…

Membership status will be checked for all LIVE events — Online or in Person.

My child and her friend are interested in being GOLD members but we're from another gym. Can we still sign up?

Absolutely! For a limited time we are opening GOLD memberships to anyone that is local to either Barrie or Collingwood. Just remember that because they’re from different households, they’ll need their own membership. 

Is the GOLD membership different than Cheer School?

Slightly… by that we mean it’s better! Cheer School At Home is what athletes from around the World sign up for to get access to our Programs such as Flight School, Stunt School etc. GOLD membership is for our local customers, and it gives you all the physical gym perks as well as access to Cheer School… all for the same price. Basically, we think it’s the best deal in town ?

If I sign up for GOLD membership next month, will the price be the same?

No. All current GOLD members will be “grandfathered in”… meaning if you sign up soon, your price will never increase. The only thing that will increase is the content you’ll have access to and the perks. The membership pays for itself in about 2 weeks if you take advantage of everything we offer. As such, GOLD membership price will increase slightly every month.

When do the ZOOM Online classes start and how do I see the schedule?

ZOOM classes start May 1st and you can download the entire calendar for MAY 2020 by logging into your GOLD membership account. Simply look for the “Download Zoom Class Schedule” information card by scrolling down. You can’t miss it!

When do my physical perks, such as the 2 months of unlimited classes start?

The physical perks come into effect as soon as we are legally allowed to open our doors. This time period cannot be deferred, extended or delayed. It will be the same for ALL Gold Members as long as their account is in good standing.

I just signed up for a GOLD membership but I can't find my log in info

As soon as you successfully complete the registration form by inputting your info and payment details, you should be taken to a page where it shows that your registration was successful. This means you are now a member, and your log in details have been emailed to you. Please check in your SPAM / JUNK folder if you don’t see it and add our email ( to your Contacts List or Safe Sender’s list. If you’re not sure how to do that, please click here for video instructions.

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