Cheer Core Gold

Proven At-Home Training Programs For Cheerleaders

All the drills, skills and motivation you need to become the best version of yourself… all in the convenience of your own home!

Benefits Of Training At Home


For one low monthly price, you get full unlimited access to ALL of our current and upcoming training programs, exclusive support from the coaches, and downloadable training material. You will never run out of content to help make you a better athlete!

Competitive edge

The best athletes in the World all have one thing in common – they always go above and beyond. While nothing can replace training LIVE under the watchful eye of a great coach, our at home programs will give you that extra edge you need get skills faster than ever before!

Stress Free

We realize that sometimes it can be intimidating (or even frustrating) to be “the newbie” in a cheer or tumbling class… especially if your friends are around! Our At Home training programs allow you to learn and progress at your own pace, without distractions or judgement 

Flight School At Home

A complete 6-week plan with over 50 drills designed to help improve your flexibility, strength and stability in the air for all major air positions. Suitable for both beginner & advanced flyers alike!

Stunt School At Home

This is a multi-week program designed to help you master your grips, build your strength and improve your endurance to become the foundation that can keep any stunt in the air… for as long as you want! 

Jump School At Home

Increase your vertical jump, improve ankle mobility and elevate your leg strength to new levels! This program will not only make you more explosive, but help you master the finer details of the Toe Touch (straddle), Herkie & Pike 

Tumble School At Home

Learn safe & effective drills to help you learn skills faster or simply maintain the ones you’ve already worked hard for. Never feel “rusty” after a break again. Own a Trampoline or AirTrack? We got you covered! 

Mind School At Home

Learn how to build mental toughness and a growth mindset — the two secrets to unlocking your full potential and helping you overcome any obstacle you’ll encouter… regardless of whether this is in cheer or life!

Performance School At Home

When two athletes can perform the same skill with good technique, what becomes the differentiating factor? Performance! Learn how to come out of your shell by building confidence and letting your inner sass fly!

Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, I'm wondering if Cheer School is suitable for younger aged athletes?

Absolutely! If your child can find their way around an iPhone or iPad app, then they’ll be able to reap the benefits of Cheer School. Our home training programs are straight forward and easy to follow. However, we do recommend that minors be accompanied by an adult during the workouts and training sessions for safety reasons.

I'm an advanced athlete, is Cheer School suitable for me?

Yes! Each of our programs come with modifications and a seperate workout calendar for advanced athletes to follow. You’ll be doing more reps, harder exercises and more complex drills sooner, to really challenge yourself. 

Why should I become a member TODAY instead of waiting?

Obviously, you can join Cheer School At Home anytime you’d like. However as we release more training programs and content, the price will will eventually increase to keep up with the production costs. Anyone who registers today will pay the exact same price they paid during sign up, regardless of how big our content library grows. It is our way of showing appreciation for your loyalty as we grow.

Do I receive anything physical in the mail when I join Cheer School?

Nope! Cheer School is completely 100% digital and all the content you need is online. You just log in, pick your program and follow the videos. Cheer School works on any device with an internet connection.  

What if I join but feel Cheer School isn't for me (or my child)?

Obviously, we will do everything we can to help you reach your goals. But if you still feel that Cheer School isn’t right for you, simply shoot us an email and we will cancel your membership, no questions asked! 

Can I still access the training programs once I cancel?

While we will be super sad to see you go, you will be able to access the content for the remainder of the month should you decide to cancel your membership.

As a member, can I attend any of your physical classes?

Sure thing! As a member of Cheer School, feel free to visit our gym any time you’d like. We’d love to meet you and offer some complimentary classes that you can take. Our gym is called CheerCore and is located in Ontario Canada. We have two locations (Barrie & Collingwood). As this isn’t an “official” feature of Cheer School, please shoot us an email before your visit so we can get a heads up.